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This function has been deprecated.

This function will report the amount of space used by each mailbox in a domain where the mailbox matches the search element. Passing a single letter or number as the search element will return the info for all usernames that begin with that letter or number. Passing 2+ letters/numbers will return the info for all usernames that match the search element inside the username. This information is updated nightly. Size is given in bytes (not KB nor MB)

Input Parameters

Four strings and one result array:

   Administrative username,
   Administrative password,
   Domain name,
   Search element (single letter or number= match usernames that start with it, multiple = match inside username)
   Size array (as is: list[0]="user1, 243423", list[1]="user2, 3423", ...)

Return Values

If successful, the return value of the function will be 1.

Consult the Result Code Table for a list of result codes and their meaning.