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The Rackspace Email Soap API Deprecation

Why are you doing this?

In order to maximize our ability to deliver great functionality quickly, we have to make the tough call to deprecate old stuff that slows us down. We feel that REST is a better approach to web services: It is more scaleable, more securable, more evolvable, and generally simpler to consume, maintain, and support.

What does this mean for me?

  • For customers new to our APIs

For the best support, you should integrate with our REST API. If there is functionality you need that is not available in the REST API, please tell us. We thrive on your feedback!

  • For customers who consume our SOAP API

Deprecation of the SOAP API is not imminent but we highly encourage you to consider revisiting your current applications and update them to use the newer REST API. Once a SOAP API deprecation date has been set there will be 6 month notice prior to its End-Of-Life.

We will not be porting over every function from our SOAP API to our REST API. So the only way to ensure you'll have everything you need when the SOAP API is officially deprecated is to start early, and let us know what is missing.

What is currently missing from the REST API, that you plan to add?

  • Search for a Domain
  • Get default max mailbox size for domain
  • Get/Set max size for mailbox
  • Get mailbox last login date/time
  • Get addresses configured to receive forwarded email
  • Search mailboxes
  • Get the number of messages in an inbox and the number of those messages that are new

If you rely on functionality that is not currently in the REST API, or in this list, please tell us.

The Rackspace Email Soap API (Deprecated)

The Rackspace Email API comprises a robust set of web services designed to allow businesses to fully integrate administrative email functions into their own applications. Based on SOAP, functions in the API allow programs written in many different languages to perform operations such as adding mailboxes and changing settings. The API can also be used to provide single sign on functionality in concert with other web applications. The Webmail API runs on the same robust server platform that supports our high-availability webmail and email services.

  • Business API - provides a list of functions designed for single business/domain usage
  • Reseller API - provides a complete list of functions for multiple domains and sub-accounts

Code Examples

  • HTML (not part of the API, strictly speaking)

Getting Started Screencast

Screencast of accessing two of our SOAP API's from PHP using Ubuntu linux.

Result Codes

Consult the Result Code Table for a list of result codes and their meaning.


Functions returning error code -777 indicates that it has been deprecated.