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This function has been deprecated.

This function will report the date of the last login for all mailboxes on a domain that are either active or inactive (whichever is selected by the API user). POP3/IMAP/Webmail logins are all considered a login (not SMTP Auth). Last login information is recalculated nightly-- so the most recent login should generally be yesterday's date on an active account.

Input Parameters

Three strings, an integer, and one result array:

   Administrative username,
   Administrative password,
   Domain name,
   Active flag (integer, 1=active, 0=inactive)
   Last login array (as in: list[0]="user1, month/day/year hour:minute:second AM/PM",list[1]="user2..."...)

Return Values

If successful, the return value of the function will be 1.

Consult the Result Code Table for a list of result codes and their meaning.