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This function has been deprecated.

This function will report the notification percentage and message to be used when a mailbox on a domain starts to get full. It also reports any configured email address that will also receive a copy of the notice.

There are two special tags that can be used inside the notification message:

   <*USER*> will insert the userID (part before the @) of the mailbox that is getting full
   <*DOMAIN*> will insert the domain name of the mailbox that is getting full

Input Parameters

Three strings, three result strings:

   Administrative username,
   Administrative password,
   Domain name,
   Notify percentage (string, whole numbers 0-100 only; 0 means no notices will be sent)
   CC: address (string email address of someone who should *also* receive a copy of the notice, "" for none)
   Notify message (string of text of notification message).

Return Values

If successful, the return value of the function will be 1.

Consult the Result Code Table for a list of result codes and their meaning.