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This function will allow a developer, using an administrative username and password, to obtain a SessionID variable that can be used to redirect a web page viewer directly to the webmail client as a particular user.

Input Parameters

Five strings:

   Administrative username,
   Administrative password,
   Domain name,
   User ID (the portion of the email address before the @ symbol),
   SessionID (will hold the SessionID if one is obtained)

Return Values

If successful, the return value of the function will be 1 and the SessionID will be non-null.

Consult the Result Code Table for a list of result codes and their meaning.

Using The SessionID

Pass the SessionID and the email address to a redirect URL to log in a user with the generated SessionID. The ID is good for about 60 seconds. The variables may be passed with either GET or POST. The following URL's are examples:


The hostname of a private label webmail site may also be used. Please note that the SessionID descriptor passed in the URL must be capitalized as shown.

Other Languages

English is used by default, but other languages are available as well. To access another language add:

   &lang=[2 letter language code]

to the redirect URL. Supported languages and their language codes are:

    Spanish = es
    French  = fr
    German  = de
    Greek   = gr